Welcome to our Website where you get two novelists for the price of one…

Not that you are paying for the…er…honor?

Let us introduce ourselves.

J.B. Dane writes urban fantasy PI comedic mystery, but this is not a picture of J.B. It’s a “maybe” picture of Bram Farrell, her alter ego in The Raven Tales. Even Bram isn’t sure what he looks like considering he’s a text bound description on a page. Or was. Or still is. Well, both, really. While JB writes novellas that are prequels (note RAVEN’S REST at the top of the page) through 3 Media Press, the Raven Tales novels are released from Burns and Lea Books. RAVEN’S MOON hit the lists at Amazon and Barnes and Noble in September 2019. Next novel doesn’t nudge it’s way into print until January 2021. But frollicking with Bram is possible through the prequel novellas and in Fall 2020 the first of the “Between The Books” novellas, THE RAVEN: DEMON SALE will show up to pave the way into the next novel.

J.B. also writes the Nick Claus, North Pole Security short stories which appear in the CASE FILES anthologies released by Tell-Tale Press. In the May 2020 edition, Nick and the Santa Corp. employees (you know, elves and flying reindeer) journey to a Norwegian spot for “Reindeer Justice.” There are Ice Giant contractors shoring up the melting ice at the North Pole, you see. Temporary relocation was a given. The first story was indeed a holiday one, but subsequent ones take place outside of the season. Santa Corp works year round, after all! Those Naughty and Nice lists don’t write themselves!

In the past, and continuing, she also pounds out short comedic stories…dragons tend to show up in a few of them, but so do ghosts and clones and intergalactic visitors. Many of them have mysteries to solve.

Now Nied Darnell does mystery and adventure but prefers Weird West Steampunk and 1920’s Dieselpunk. The Covert Cogs work for the secret Allegory Society and are sent out to solve cases that the Pinkertons want nothing to do with. Mostly because they involve machines and things that are a bit weird. She’s still working on a trilogy (1st volume is done and 2nd started) but in the meantime has fun with different teams of Cog agents, usually one male and one female. Each of the novellas features at least one character who has a starring role in the trilogy, so it’s all leading someplace!

She also writes the Gwen Grimm, Supernatural Investigation Network (SIN) Dieselpunk stories set in the Roarin’ Twenties. Oddly enough, the first Gwen tale detailed a case set somewhere in the nebulous middle of the decade. But come May 2020, Gwen’s first week on the job gets an airing in the CASE FILES Anthology from Tell-Tale Press in “The Follies of 1919.”

So what can you expect to fine here at JB DANE and NIED DARNELL? Probably lots of fairly silly stuff. Hopefully, interesting silly stuff. Between them, there are beings that don’t actually exist (we’re pretty sure in most cases) to talk about and slang and fashion and…well, stuff…from the Roarin’ Twenties…but then Gwen doesn’t deal with many non-magic using humans either.

J.B.’s Bram and Nick have more human to human…well, passing for human in Bram’s case…run-ins, but the Covert Cogs deal with mechanical and scientific evil masterminds who are human…at least currently.

Such is the life of ficitonal protagonists, right? Put through the wringer by their authors who are likely chuckling fiendishly as they dream up new ways to manipulate their poor characters. We think the muses put us up to it.

As we’ll be tag teaming for posts, J.B. (and Bram) will be up later in the week to talk about the pluses and minuses of having a hellhound around the house and as backup on the job.

So, please sign up — give us the mail drop you prefer to receive notices of new postings and new releases. Do so on the Blog: JB Dane or Blog: Nied Darnell pages. We won’t share with anyone. Promise!

J.B. and Nied