Ah, Gentle Readers…

What with the current solitary confinement dictates in place – though I’m not sure whether a guy who is pretty iffy on whether he has managed to make the leap to being human yet is in danger of contacting anything – I entertained myself recently by seeing if anyone new had commented on Raven’s Moon.

Hey, a guy wants to know if any of you bought my story – literally! Yeah, if you haven’t, why the heck not? Huh?

Anyway, I found a couple new reviews had surfaced since the last time I checked. Here’s what one said:

“…he [that would be me, Bram] is not alone in this adventure. With him we have the faithful and fantastic Dachshund from Hell. And yes, I intend it literally! It’s a real Hellhound who usually keep[s] the form of a dachshund. So, year, a real dachshund from hell. How cool is that??? And Satan himself took a liking for our PI and helps him out here and there. And he is the best. Those are the characters that I really liked!

“But we won’t stop here! We have a ton of different magical creatures and this is a thing that I really appreciate in a book. We have hellhounds, witches, vampires, trolls, and man, many others!

“…I have no doubt that I would read the second book in this series, because I can’t wait to see again the Dachshund from Hell!”

Oh, geez! There will be no living with the mutt now. He’s collecting a fan club! And Sam, too! That would be Samael, aka Satan, Old Scratch, Mr. Deal, The Devil, Lucifer, or as I’m sure Beelz (the newly christened “Dachshund From Hell”) calls him, Boss. Weird that he’s taken an interest in me, ’cause, ya know, I don’t exactly have a soul. Though that could be why he pops in to irritate me now and then.

And he’ll be back. Come this Fall, actually, in The Raven: Demon Sale. It’s a story that takes place between Raven’s Moon and the next novel in the series, The Raven and The Curse, due out in January 2021, if you’ve got a two- or five-year calendar to mark these things on, make a note. Otherwise, never fear, I’ll remind you…a lot!

But this wasn’t the only new review that surfaced. Here’s the next:

“I liked Bram’s character, trying to figure out who and what he is in the real world, and where he stands. The complications of who has good intentions, and who is out for power or more nefarious things had me guessing throughout the entire story. Hints were dropped, and I found myself muddling along side Bram. Some of the twists I suspected, some I considered and rejected, only to have it all turn around on me. I think it was the combination of the knowledge of a wide variety of legendary creatures and Bram’s own self-awareness that really made me love this story. The world and character building were very well done. The humor of a dachshund shaped hellhound and other characters certainly made the read every better for me though.

Raven’s Moon is a wonderful start to a series, and I will be reading the next book as soon as it is available, but for now I am going to get my hands on the prequels.”

Now THAT I like to hear…or read. It just so happens there are 3 of them. and one is currently priced at just 99 cents for the duration of the “plague” – RAVEN’S REST.

In fact, if interested, here’s how to find all the currently available stories from both sides of the Raven Tales universe!

RAVEN FOR A SONG www.getbook.at/RavSongEbk


RAVEN’S REST www.getbook.at/RAVREST

RAVEN’S MOON (novel- Raven Tales Book #1)

Amazon https://amzn.to/2IIqRhS

BarnesAndNoble http://bit.ly/321Xcan

Cuttin’ out of here now. There’s another prequel in progress (The Raven and The Ancient) and I’ve been procrastinating over it long enough to merit a desk of my own in the Procrastinator’s ring in Hell. Bet Beelz already has dragged a blanket in to make a comfy nest beneath the probably lopsided table Sam supplies.

So, later, gentle (and not so gentle if you don’t happen to be human) readers!

See ya next time!

Bram Farrell, aka The Raven

P.S. If you’d like to get a notice the next time I decide to babble at you, head to Blog: JB Dane (find it in the menu) and click on the button to add your email address to the list. Thanks!

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JB Dane and Nied Darnell are fantasy mystery comedy adventure authors. JB writes urban fantasy with comedy and mystery and sometimes fantasy with comedy and mystery that isn't urban fantasy at all! Nied Darnell likes the past but also fantasy comedy adventure and mystery, so it's a given that she's drawn to Weird West Steampunk (has a BA in American History with a minor in British Modern under her "real" name) and Dieselpunk. Both of them have written under a variety of other names...and answer to an entirely different name at the bank and to the tax man, though it's the same name as they are in fact are housed in just one human form), and have a publishing career that is 30 novels strong and growing. Following either of them is possible on Twitter: @JBDaneWriter and @NiedDarnell and on Facebook via http://bit.ly/2GJtejL for JB and http://bit.ly/2tquccW for Nied.

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