Ahh!!! We have NEW covers finally for the Prequels here at Raven Central!

Also a new title for both the Thanksgiving “Between the Books” novella and Book 2 in the novel length stories!

Here’s what the new Prequels covers look like:

Yep, the same guy I said maybe snide remarks about in the past, but JB had me compare his mug to my own in a mirror and…yeah, he could steal my identity, so he’s the dude we’re using.

At least for the prequel and “Between the Books” novellas. The folks at Burns and Lea Books who handle the novel length stories are still cooking on the cover for the second book, which has once again changed it’s title. Currently we’re calling it MARKED RAVEN.

Well, I do sorta get “marked” for death since someone or something has put a hit out on me. Really knows how to muck up a guy’s Valentine’s Day. Naturally I ended up doing far more than just ducking death — if a guy who is just (or was) nothing more than ink on paper or pixels on a screen can be killed, that is.

Hey, there’s always the chance, so why take it?

MARKED RAVEN doesn’t release until January 2021 though — yep, just in time to give it to your Valentine…or to put off doing your taxes a bit longer. There is that stimulus check aftermath to deal with. That is what taxes are — aftermath of being able to eat and stay out of bad weather. Ye olde basic necessities.

There are new Raven adventures on the much nearer horizon though!

J.B. swears she’ll have what started out as THE RAVEN AND THE ANCIENT and has now become RAVEN’S ARK, finished and available by the end of August if not before. Have my fingers crossed on it actually surfacing before then.

Come mid October the first of the Between the Books novellas will hit Amazon. There is a chance it will be free for a short time to get you reved up for MARKED RAVEN. It takes place over the four day Thanksgiving Weekend following the events in RAVEN’S MOON, the first book, and introduces some characters that show up again in the second book.

Worth marking your calendar to getting cozy with RAVEN’S REWARD that holiday shopping weekend? Well, and preordering MARKED, too, that weekend!

There is still a Raven Tales short story hanging ten. It takes place in the Raven universe but doesn’t really have anything to do with the storylines in the other tales. In fact, I’m not sure anything much even happens in it! Other than that I get to make some wishes that are instantly granted.

Unfortunately, not well thought out wishes. Inadvertent wishes.

Even though you might already know I’m a babbler, this is probably enough babbling for the nonce. If you haven’t met me in a story yet, perhaps now’s the time to do so!



Published by daneanddarnell

JB Dane and Nied Darnell are fantasy mystery comedy adventure authors. JB writes urban fantasy with comedy and mystery and sometimes fantasy with comedy and mystery that isn't urban fantasy at all! Nied Darnell likes the past but also fantasy comedy adventure and mystery, so it's a given that she's drawn to Weird West Steampunk (has a BA in American History with a minor in British Modern under her "real" name) and Dieselpunk. Both of them have written under a variety of other names...and answer to an entirely different name at the bank and to the tax man, though it's the same name as they are in fact are housed in just one human form), and have a publishing career that is 30 novels strong and growing. Following either of them is possible on Twitter: @JBDaneWriter and @NiedDarnell and on Facebook via http://bit.ly/2GJtejL for JB and http://bit.ly/2tquccW for Nied.

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