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Bet that heading got your attention…or at least made you curious.

Bram Farrell here again because J.B. Dane seems to think I should write the blog entries for some reason. Not bad enough she has all the stories coming out of my mouth as well, but, hey, I’m okay with it.

As you’ll note, we finally settled down to a new look for the prequels. Yep, using the same dude I said disparing remarks about in another blog, however, J.B. has convinced me he could easily steal my identity, so, looks like we’re keeping him for awhile.

But that’s not what we’re here about today. This is to introduce you to two other guys hanging around the office who have a lot in common with me, and yet not a lot in common with me. I have full length novels and prequels. They just have short stories.

“It’s a temporary situation, Farrell,” Nick Claus just yelled at me. And, he’s right. There is a North Pole Security novel length story sitting on the drawing board, but it’s currently just collecting dust. (“Bring a freakin’ feather duster next time if you want to move up on the To Be Written Lists, Claus! I’m the guy with the publishing contract!” Which is true. The place that published his stories in their anthologies recently died an inglorious death.)

Claus, if you haven’t guessed already, is Santa’s kid. Well, only son, so running up to that once a year delivery route in the future. In the meantime, he’s in charge of security at the North Pole. I will admit he has quite different things to deal with than I do — currently from pet store robberies to a monster that got handed off to his ancestor by Odin and his clan so long ago, everyone forgot about the thing, and of course, there’s that ice melting problem.

Detroit may feel arctic at times but we’ve at least got ground beneath us. They don’t at the geographic North Pole.

Nick and I aren’t the only crime busters favoring sacrasm in our delivery though for this intergalactic smart ass walked in the door this year. He’s a writer with a massive following — or so he claims. Calls himself Rip Patterson though I’ve no idea what his name might be on his home planet. It’s a long way from this neighborhood. They don’t call themselves “human” there, although no one around here would notice any differences. He’s got a twin sister dogging his steps and they’ve got this handy knack of communicating telepathically. Claim its a benefit of being from a planet that is many civilization levels up from we backward little Earthlings. He’s here as part of an intergalactic police force making sure things from other places leave Terra Firma in a Terra Firma condition.

Which means Patterson solves crimes, too. But only in short story form. Currently he’s got just the one story, MURDER UNSCRIPTED, but the list on J.B.’s desk has him pencilled in for something to do with a book signing misadventure either later this year or early next year..

In any case, no matter what length of story you go looking for, we three guys have got you covered when it comes to solving crime that involves paranormals, legendary or interplanetary or dimension miscreants. And all three of us live under a snark umbrella, so there are heavy doses of comedy along with the murder, mayhem, and lightfingeredness of those we go up against.

You’ll find us all listed at Amazon under J.B. Dane’s name.



P.S. Here are the covers to look for:

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