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Raven’s Moon is the first in the urban fantasy PI mystery comedy series following the exploits of Bram Farrell. Bram’s been the hero in a series of 20 novels written by Calista Amberson, but one night Calie does what should not have been possible…she pulls him out of the world of fiction and into the real world. She has a plan for him and Bram knows immediately that he isn’t going to like it.

Assigned to be “shown” this version of Detroit by the house hellhound, that chooses to manifest as a demon eyed black and tan dachshund, Bram heads out into a city he’s sure should be a lot less dangerous than the version he left behind.

Wrong. As a resident hellhound should have indicated, there are just as many Otherworlder beings inhabiting the Motor City on this side of the seam stitched binding, and they want him to solve a murder or two…or twenty. It seems that every beastie he took down in one of Calie’s books has a real world doppleganger who was killed in the same way he’d taken one down inside the covers of a book. Over twenty years worth of books, which means every one of them is a cold case.

To make things worse, there’s a deadline. He knows Calie has something planned for All Hallow’s Eve, and it might be that’s departure time for him — headed back into a book. Something he sorta expects but hopes doesn’t happen.

Can Bram track down the bad guys in time? Not just by moon rise on Halloween, but before someone manages to take him out.

And not for a night on the town, either!

Future titles in The Raven Tales:
  • MARKED RAVEN, Book 2
  • RAVEN’S EDGE, Book 3

But there’s more to the Raven Tales universe than just the novels!

There are Prequels!

Obviously the novels that Calista supposedly wrote don’t exist, but that doesn’t mean that back in fictionland that’s the case. And considering Bram’s Raven Investigations business is one where keeping the books in the black is tougher than taking down a rabid giant with a migraine — one the giant has, not our hero — that means he took on cases outside of the stories Calista supposedly wrote. Ones she had no idea he was working.

But now that Bram’s on this side of the binding, he has a few cases to relate, and that’s what the Prequels are: cases Raven Investigations took on in that other Detroit.

Oddly enough, the first one told was his last case before crossing, but it’s the one where he learned he wasn’t real: RAVEN’S REST. Watson’s asked him to find a missing Holmes and the case is headed straight into the Brothers Grimm Memorial Forest, a place known to be hungry –.very hungry.

Once that tale was told, our hero was kicking his heels, antsy in a way doses of Evan Williams were not curing, and went back to the first case he took on that Calie hasn’t a clue about: RAVEN FOR A SONG, It’s about when he was hired to find and destroy The Leech, a serial killer preying on young Otherworlders. He gets involved when an underage teen siren seeks him out. Trouble is, she’s on the cusp of becoming a killer herself.

In MOCK RAVEN, there’s a guy wearing Bram’s face, answering to his name, and has killed a harpy while she was in human form — and did so before witnesses! To get his reputation back on the straight and narrow isn’t going to be easy.

Currently in process is a 4th prequel, RAVEN’S ARK. There’s an irritating immortal to deal with and a god stick that supposedly bestows the chance of no expiration date on ye olde life force. And it’s been lifted. And not like a barbell, if you get the drift.

Would we leave things at just novels and prequels (which are novella length)? Hell no! We also have…(wait for it)…

Between the Current Novels Tales!!!!

Yes, you read that right! Obviously things don’t stand still between the larger cases, so Bram whips out a B. Farrell Investigations card when something happens in real world Detroit occassionally.

The first of these stories is RAVEN’S REWARD which will be available in Fall 2020. This story takes place over the Thanksgiving four day weekend. You’d think Thursday would be a perfect day to do hold an Otherworlder only (exceptions being previous humans: were beings, zombies, ghosts, and vampires), but when more than one “shopper” wants to acquire a certain possibly apocolypic horn, Bram’s really in the fire.

REWARD introduces a couple characters who will surface again in Book Two, MARKED RAVEN, releasing in January 2021. (NOTE: If you read this entry in the past you might be surprised to discover the titles of these two changed. Locked in to these now, though!)

Is Bram the only guy hanging out in

J.B. Dane’s corner? Heck no!

There’s also Nick Claus,

head of North Pole Security!

And you thought the Claus family didn’t really exist, huh? Not so. Those Naughty and Nice lists don’t write themselves, you know. And dealing with the folks on them is only one of Nick’s jobs.

He’s got years before his dad, Santa, plans to hand over the reins to the sleigh, and in the meantime Nick has cases to handle.

They take the form of short stories published now as Kindle Shorts.

First there was “A Parcel of Pups”, which actually took place in the holiday season, but it was followed by “The Prime Crone’s Legacy” which had nothing to do with gift giving in December, but very much to do with a creature the Odinian Accords said was the Claus family’s burden…except that none of the current family knew it existed…though now it’s awake, and that’s not good.

June 2020 introduced the 3rd story. In “Reindeer Justice” Nick, the elves and the flying stock head away from the Pole temporarily as Ice Giants do repairs on the melting ice. A temporary removal to the far reaches of Norway result in…well, the reindeer wanting justice.

And that’s not all we’ve got!

There are short stories about dragons, clones from the Orion’s Belt Earth colonies, a misguided miscreant finding it’s hard to stay on the straight and narrow, some ghosts who aren’t thrilled about being visited by a reality TV show, and…

Not surprisingly, another guy who solves crimes of a rather odd nature arrived in April 2020. This short story features an intergalaxic sleuth calling himself Rip Patterson. His story was followed by one about a woman whose luck is not going to be with her. And another dragon!!!!

There’s bound to be more short tales in the future, too. Often they have been written for an anthology that didn’t care for or wasn’t looking for comedy. It’s the only reason we can think of that anyone would turn these stories down!

And in case you are wondering who this “we” is, well it’s J.B. Dane and all the characters (pesky, opinionated creations they are, too!) who live in her head.

Surely, among all of this you’ll be able to find something to lift your spirits, take your cares away for a bit. Laughter cures many ills, you know. Not broken bones or…well, you get the drift.

See you back here soon we hope!

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