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Weird West Steampunk Adventure

1920s Dieselpunk Crime and

Gaslamp Fantasy Mystery with Comedy

Nied Darnell spins tales of American West Steampunk adventure, but she also dabbles in 1920s crime and comedy, as well as Gaslamp Fantasy with inquery agents in 1880s London that also include heavy doses of comedy. She likes using that history degree she picked up years ago and then twisting what she wants, making worlds of her own concocting.

The Allegory Society and the Covert Cogs

The Covert Cogs are agents of the rather secret Allegory Society, a place run by Mr. Pendulum from offices in Chicago.

He always sends a team to cover a case, though sometimes that isn’t possible. When a She cog is deprived of a male cohort, she does tend to find another gentleman to temporarily fill the void though.

The Covet Cog adventures started with a short story that grew into a novella that then expanded to a novel and then into a trilogy. With all those growth pains, is it any wonder that she’s still working on the 2nd book in the set? Hardly!

That didn’t mean that the Cogs themselves were going to sit around twiddling their thumbs, sipping tea or whiskey (both from tea cups). No, they were going to start ruminating about past cases.

The first of these novellas is THE CASE OF THE SHOOTIST’S FINGER in which Miss Ariel Knapp and her partner, Mick Tindale are after mechanical giants who are hitting banks and jewelry stores in Chicago. The fact that these thieves are not human means Pinkertons wants nothing to do with finding them. That’s why there are Cogs though. #Kindle

In THE CASE OF THE REPURPOSED MAN, Miss Samanthalia Gast has no He Cog backing her up at the Army’s Irregulars Hospital in Omaha where she is undercover as a nurse. But after recovering patient Major Colter Webb assists her in stopping a robbery of drugs one night, there is no shaking the officer. She has no idea that he enters into the fray not to get used to using his mechanical limbs, but because he is hoping for death by Covert Cog Case. #Kindle

Mena Ketchem misplaces her partner, Ridley, when they head to the desert area near the Mormon territory to unearth a thief who has made off with 1,500 pounds worth of newly discovered dinosaur bones. To aid her, she bails a man celebrated as the World’s Most Acclaimed Villain (on the melodramatic stage), Heath Haymes, from jail because he demonstrated uncommon accuracy in shooting an apple off a drunk’s head while incredibly snockered himself. Together they not only find the missing Ridley, they deal with THE CASE OF THE HOLE IN THE WALL, which leads to a land where uncommon things are the norm. #Kindle

Recent the three Cog tales were combined in a single volume, which, of course, is a thifty choice for readers. And so organized having them all in one spot. Look for:

But it’s not ALL about Cog agents!

There are the diligent members of SIN!

(The Supernatural Investigation Network)

Gwen Grimm is both our heroine and narrator for these Dieselpunk takes set in the Roarin’ Twenties, and she does enjoy tossing Twenties’ slang around..

Gwen is a mistress of recreating herself with glamours to go undercover in trapping things of and not of our world. Sometimes she’s a sarcastic guy answering to Dolin. Other times she’s the saucy Pepper Saltash, croonin’ tunes at The Whisper, a speakeasy hidden in the under-under basement of the Capital City Library. Gwen knows her onions and carries a rosco, but she always gets her man…or thing.

Gwen made her first appearance in WAGES OF SIN a short story where she was not only worth three agents, she WAS three different agents in the course of a single night.

She’s back in a tale that revisits her first week on the job in THE FOLLIES OF 1919,

Just as with J.B. Dane, there’s always the likelihood that other characters will push their way in the door and demand starring roles in stories of their own, And that is exactly what happened!

Introducing the staff of

Castlecutt and Whitemayne Inquiry Agents

in an 1880s Gaslamp Fantasy London!

Alasadorph Fitz-Castlecutt may look sweet and demure, but she’s anything but that. Armed with an umbrella with a sword at its spine and enough determination to stare down any miscreant to cross her path, she is partnered by a fellow who isn’t always what he appears at first acquantance. Not even if Reggie Whitemayne is at the track, which he frequently is. He has a lot of runners for friends. The four legged, hooved type because basically he’s a shapechanging Palamino stallion. Still, he is a good inquiry agent and very handy to have in the event transportation is required.

Should we mention there is quite a lot of comedy in Alas and Reggie’s tales? Perhaps it’s not necessary considering they spilled from Nied Darnell’s pen. She does so enjoy a rousing adventure with snickers and snorts of laughter mixed in.

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